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Third Grade

Program Description
As students enter third grade they encounter many changes associated with moving into the intermediate level. They have their first experience with Terra Nova standardized tests. Students become more familiar with using textbooks as part of their educational experience rather than worksheets associated with the primary level. Another transition for third grade is the use of cursive writing throughout all subject areas.

Main Themes/Skills

Students study the components of liturgy, prayer, and sacraments with a deeper understanding, and a focus of issues of peace and justice.

The Language Arts program focuses on the five-step writing process, the ability to write in complete sentences, form paragraphs, write narratives, poetry, reports, continued work with parts of speech, grammar, and the use of cursive writing.

The Reading program includes listening to literature, the ability to decode unfamiliar words, to find meaning through context, identify story structure and elements, and an introduction to literary genres.

The Math program works on practicing the computation skills of addition and subtraction of 1, 2, & 3 digit numbers, focus on multiplication, basic division of 1 digit numbers, basic geometry, time, money and measurement, focus on problem solving strategies and the problem solving process.

Social Studies:
The Social Studies program consists of the study of diverse cultures, communities, customs and holidays, map skills, basic civics and government, a basic overview of Chicago history.

In Science, third graders concentrate on the classification of plants and animals, life cycles and habitats, measuring matter, sound and light, earth and its resources, weather and human senses.

Instructional Methodologies:
Students encounter authentic activities to enhance different areas of the curriculum, focus on independent reading, responding to literature, cursive writing, journal writing, problem solving, small group work, sharing of work and ideas.