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Seventh Grade

Program Description
As a student enters seventh grade he/she experiences a continuation of the junior high curriculum. Course work in religion, language arts, math, social studies, science, fine arts, physical education and technology comprise the typical schedule.

Main Themes/ Skills

Emphasis is placed on New Testament work of Jesus Christ, in tune with discipleship, with the use of prayers, personal experiences and issues of peace and justice.

Language Arts
The focus is on effective grammar and usage through the writing process (brainstorming, editing, publishing), reading skills, strategies and vocabulary enrichment through novels (The Giver, The Outsiders, Treasure Island, A Christmas Carol and Phantom Tollbooth), speaking and listening skills through role-playing, public speaking and performance.

The focus is on pre-algebra (formulas, expression, language and symbols), introduction to geometry and measurement (perimeter, area, angles, parts of a circle), computation, estimation and mental math (fractions, decimals, integers), math communication and problem solving.

Social Studies
U.S. history, formation of America, the growth and expansion of the country, U.S. and Illinois Constitution, current events and connection, how to study history and critical thinking.

Students will investigate scientific design and research through the participation in Science Expo. Throughout the school year students will explore phyical sciences and basic chemistry. Students will regularly perform experiments to develop understanding of the principals discussed in class.

Instructional Methodologies
Lecture, lab work, small group work and problem solving, debate, journal work, oral presentations/performances, field trips.

Highlights of the Grade/Special Programs
School safety patrol, planning of junior high dances (Christmas Dance) and school-wide events (Thanksgiving prayer service and Lenten soup kitchen), Faith-Partner activities with first grade students, and participation in Student Council as class representatives.