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Second Grade

Program Description
As a student enters second grade he/she experiences two important sacraments, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Through the use of cross-curricular thematic instruction, students investigate various topics such as, bats, popcorn, pizza, penguins and ice cream; further enhancing their understanding of how the subjects are interrelated. Students discover the seven continents, conduct various scientific experiments, create and solve story problems, and write a descriptive paragraph.

Main Themes/Skills

In second grade, students focus on forgiveness, Sacraments of Communion, and Reconciliation, the liturgical year, peacemakers, participation in prayer services and the Faith Partner Program.

Language Arts/English:
During second grade, students are introduced to paragraph writing, identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives, punctuation, identification of long and short vowel sounds, writing and speaking in complete sentences and completing a daily journal.

Language Arts/Reading:
A basal and novel based program includes using various reading texts, starting with short stories and increasing to chapter books, oral reading, echo reading, creative writing, and reading comprehension.

The curriculum focuses on the concept of money, two and three digit addition and subtraction with/without regrouping, measuring, fractions, telling time, geometry and story problems.

Social Studies:
Students explore the aspects of community, first Americans/colonies and holidays. They also learn cardinal directions and map/globe skills. Learning about our country and how to be a good citizen are taught.

Students experience three areas of science. Life Science: learning how living things grow and change and habitats for living things. Earth Science: discovering the earth, its resources, its past, studying weather and the solar system. Physical Science: learning about matter, forces, motion, and sound.

Instructional Methodologies:
Students participate through lecture, small/large group work, journaling, role playing, cooperative learning, experiments, projects, reports, classroom discussion and experience team teaching.

Highlights of the Grade:
Some of the special programs in second grade include the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation, Faith Partners, and the traditional apple picking field trip.