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Fourth Grade

Program Description:
Students in the fourth grade begin to experience a learning environment beyond the self-contained classroom. This transitional year includes switching classes for one of the core curriculum subjects, in addition to physical education, technology and library. Developing independent study skills is a main area of focus.

Main Themes/Skills:

Religion class places an emphasis on the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes as they apply to everyday life. There is a concentration on passages from Scripture and the significance of the seven Sacraments in the Catholic Church. Discussions challenge the students to explore the ways in which Christian values can be lived out within the context of our culture.

Language Arts/ Reading
A basal and novel-based program includes reading comprehension skills and an application of vocabulary skills through written composition.

Language Arts/ English
The fourth grade writing curriculum introduces research reports, and the continuing development of grammar skills and note taking, using the five-step writing process. Students are exposed to public speaking and poetic expression.

The math curriculum focuses on place value, addition and subtraction of numerals to the millions place, multiplication and division (including the process of long division) of numerals to the hundreds place. Topics also covered include graphing, multi-step problem solving, elapsed time, and various forms of measurement.

Social Studies
Fourth-graders study the seven regions of the United States. There is also an introduction to United States history and civics. The students are given an opportunity to develop map skills.

The focus areas in Science include life science (plants & animals), physical science (properties of matter), earth science (with an emphasis on ecology), and the human body with hands-on experience in all of these areas.

Instructional Methodologies
consist of lecture, note taking, discussion, cooperative learning, journal writing, independent studies, educational games and field trips as reinforcement.

Highlights of the Grade/Special Programs
Earth Savers, Battle of the Books, Student Council classroom representatives