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First Grade

Program Description
Entering the first grade is an important academic transition. Students build upon their kindergarten skills, moving toward textbook learning. Students expand their role as contributing members of a classroom community. Students participate in the Faith Partner Program, developing a relationship with a seventh grade student within the context of the Catholic faith.

Main Themes/Skills

Religious instruction involves an introduction to the Rosary, focus on the Holy Days of Obligation, growth in their relationship with God as our Father and recognizing Jesus as our Savior. There is a special focus on the liturgical year including: Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Students participate in the Faith Partner Program to build and strengthen interpersonal skills and peaceful behavior. Basic prayers and Bible stories are also included.

Language Arts/Reading:
Students expand their list of sight words, increase word-decoding strategies, word building skills, reading fluency and reading comprehension. Students are responsible for independent reading at home.

Language Arts/English:
Students are introduced to the writing process, mechanics and parts of speech. Students utilize and refine their listening, speaking and thinking skills. Students will focus on weekly spelling lists and will be tested accordingly. Students will master their printing skills (Zaner Bloser).

Students progress with addition and subtraction from single digit to double digits, continue with skip counting and are introduced to fractions. They also gain experience in telling time to the hour/half hour, place value, problem solving skills and counting money through one dollar. Students explore shapes and solids. Measurement is taught in terms of weight, volume and length. Social Studies Students study School Environment (school workers and expectations of the student), Family Life (differences in families, the role of family members family activities), Communities (community leaders, goods and services), Our Country (important leaders, historical events), Our World (our place in the world), Map Skills and Geography and National Holidays.

Students focus on the following units: Plants (parts, function, growth), animals, ecosystems, five senses, nutrition (food pyramid and healthy diet), dental health (proper care of teeth), fire safety, our Earth, natural resources, weather seasons, the sky, matter and energy.

Instructional Methodologies:
The following techniques are implemented in the instruction of students: classroom discussion, small/whole group work, homework/classwork, projects, experiments, reports, dramatics, art, music, role playing, writing and cooperative learning.