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St. Hilary strives for excellence in all that it does.
St. Hilary maintains:

  • Dedicated, nurturing faculty
  • Composite standardized test scores well above national norms in all disciplines
  • Graduates accepted to Chicagoland's top ranking high schools - Catholic, private and public

Terra-Nova Scores
Annually in March students all across the nation participate in the Terra-Nova Standardized Multiple Assessment Tests. These tests measure the academic achievement of students of the same grade and age from all parts of the country. St. Hilary students in grades 3 to 7 take the Multiple Assessments version of the Terra-Nova Test.

The scores for these tests are given in percentiles. A grade of 50 is average, meaning that St. Hilary students scored higher than 50% of the students across the nation in that grade. Any scores between 40 and 60 are in the average range for this test, while scores above 75 are considered superior.

As is clearly indicated below, the students at St. Hilary score very well on the Terra-Nova Test. The Total Score is a combination of the Reading, Language and Mathematics percentiles only. Terra-Nova does not include either Social Studies or Science in the Total score.

2008 Terra Nova Scores

Grade Reading Language Math Total Science Soc.St.
3 65 67 69 65 69 71
4 81 77 84 81 76 86
5 69 84 71 78 68 69
6 81 83 80 83 84 80
7 72 85 78 80 74 85

St. Hilary students in all grades scored well above the national norms in all subject areas. Many thanks go to our dedicated faculty and our excellent curriculum which guided our students all year long and prepared them to take these tests. The scores from these tests help decide the educational goals and emphasis in our ongoing school improvement plan.

Students from St. Hilary have been accepted to the following high schools.

  • Notre Dame for Boys
  • St. Scholastica Academy
  • Northside College Prep
  • St. Patrick
  • Loyola Academy
  • St. Ignatius College Prep
  • Regina Dominican
  • St. Gregory the Great