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Eighth Grade

Program Description
As a student proceeds through eighth grade he/she experiences a greater degree of responsibility for his/her personal, academic, and social growth. Through differentiated course work and extra-curricular activities students prepare for success in high school.

Main Themes/Skills


  • Confirmation preparation
  • Catholic creed and morality
  • character development
  • issues of peace and justice

Language Arts:

  • listening, evaluating materials, and public speaking
  • grammar and composition
  • vocabulary development, analyzing text, and reading comprehension
  • novels: To Kill a Mockingbird, Pigman, Of Mice and Men, Diary of Anne Frank


  • Algebra (inequalities, operations with polynomials, quadratic formula)
  • rational and irrational numbers (square root, repeating v. terminating decimals)
  • geometry (volume, surface area, Pythagorean theorem)
  • statistics and probability, consumer math (interest, discount, profit/loss)

Social Studies:

  • U.S. History 1860-present (Civil War, Westward Expansion, Industrial Revolution, World Wars I and II, Great Depression, Cold War, Current Events)
  • critical thinking, debate skills
  • current events and connections with history


  • research for Science Expo
  • kinematics, forces, energy, work and power
  • comparative anatomy including dissections skills


Instructional Methodologies:

Lecture, independent reading, small group work, journalizing, performance experience, listening, speaking, lab work, dissection.


Highlights of the Grade:

Confirmation preparation, Student Council, 8th grade leadership roles, curricular based field trips, preparation for high school entrance exams and selection process, graduation activities, Faith Partner activities and school service.